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Wto Agreements Sps/Tbt Ppt

The World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements are critical in shaping global trade practices. Among these agreements are the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures Agreement and the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Agreement.

The SPS Agreement aims to ensure that food and agricultural products traded globally are safe for human, animal, and plant health. It provides guidelines for member countries to follow in setting regulations and standards for food safety and animal and plant health.

On the other hand, the TBT Agreement seeks to remove unnecessary technical barriers to trade. It addresses the differing regulatory standards and procedures that countries use to govern product design, production, testing, and labeling. It also promotes the use of international standards and conformity assessment procedures to facilitate trade.

Together, the SPS and TBT agreements play a vital role in facilitating trade among WTO member countries. However, they rely heavily on the use of science and risk assessment in determining the safety and efficacy of products. This has sometimes led to disagreements among member countries on the interpretation of scientific evidence.

To address this issue, the WTO established the SPS/TBT Information Management System (IMS) to help members exchange information on regulations and standards related to SPS and TBT measures. The IMS provides a platform for members to share expertise, best practices, and scientific information related to SPS and TBT measures.

The IMS has also helped to improve the transparency and predictability of SPS and TBT measures. It allows members to notify their trading partners about new regulations or changes to existing measures and provides a mechanism for resolving disputes related to SPS and TBT measures.

In conclusion, the SPS and TBT agreements are essential in ensuring that global trade operates smoothly. However, they require a careful balance between scientific evidence, national regulatory requirements, and international standards. The SPS/TBT IMS has played a critical role in facilitating this balance by providing a platform for member countries to exchange information and resolve disputes related to SPS and TBT measures.

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